Welcome to Varisia!

As Torek sat obediently at the foot of his grandfather’s chair, he wondered what could have prompted the old man to send for him. It was true that his health was beginning to fail, but the man was as muscular and strapping as ever and surely such a legendary hero wouldn’t succumb to old age without a fight. As Torek approached the massive chair of his fabled grandfather, he was awestruck by the many relics and trophies that strewn haphazardly around him. Here a powerful magical artifact, bristling withunspeakable power. There a monstrous tooth snatched from the mouth of the dragon Ghlorofaex. As he neared the chair, he glanced towards the massive Crimson Sword, of all his grandfather’s treasures, it was this that spoke to Torek the most and he secretly hoped that when the time did come for his Grandfather to join the gods that he would leave the Sword to Torek in his will. “Sit with me awhile boy,” there came the familiar tone of his grandfather’s voice. It was a voice that instantly commanded obedience and respect. The baritone timbre of it reflected the iron will of the speaker and yet, it was never without a certain paternal warmth. Torek obeyed instantly. “As a man moves towards the end of this life, he wants to be certain of who he was, if he lived his life with decency.” “But Grandfather,” Torek interrupted. “You’re a Hero! You’ve saved the lives of…” “Ha! Hero you say! Well what is that? Truth of the matter is I’ve never felt like a hero a day in my life! All we did was react to the circumstances we were given. We never had time to think if we were doing the right thing! Boy, I’ve heard all the stories people have said and written about me, and none of em cut to the truth of what really happened. Now sit down and listen to the truth and decide for yourself if I deserve your praise.” Hesitantly, Torek sat nearby and leaned forward to absorb what may well have been the last testament of the savior of Varisia. “It was the year 4707 AR on the 22nd of Rova that we entered the town of Sandpoint. I can’t remember now what brought me to the town, or what brought any of us for that matter. Some of my companions had traveled from all across Golarion, and fate had brought us all here at the same time. Gods know, we were almost greener than you lad! It was lack of experience and a sense of invincible optimism that led us to the Cathedral in town, where a festival was getting underway…”

Rise of the Runelords

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