Rise of the Runelords

A Festival No One will Soon Forget

The Party arrived in the town of Sandpoint, where they discovered a festival was underway to celebrate the completion of a New Cathedral. They watched several of Sandpoint’s prominent citizens make speeches and then wandered the town. Most of our heroes participated in games of chance (except for Wrent, who was above such frivolity). Meanwhile, Uriel chose to explore the New Cathedral. He found it to be quite lovely (even though it was not devoted to Iomedae). His most interesting discovery was a courtyard containing seven ancient stones. Although he could not glean much information about them, he did detect that they were extremely ancient. The festival continued with lunch, which was provided by local merchants and tavern owners. After lunch, Father Abstalar Zantus stood to give a speech but was interrupted when a raiding party of goblins entered Sandpoint, wreaking havoc, attacking bystanders, and burning the town.


After dispatching two waves of goblins, the heroes proceeded north where they encountered a goblin commando and his lackeys who were in the process of attacking a very well-dressed and terrified civilian. It was a mighty battle before the Goblin leader was finally slain.


The party was then profusely thanked by the man who identified himself as Aldern Foxglove, a Magnimarian noble. He was extremely grateful to the party, particularly towards Azike who had distinguished himself quite well in the battle. He told them he would be staying at the Rusty Dragon for a few more days and implored them to seek him out so that he may properly thank them for saving his life. As the town secured its borders and cleared out the remaining raiders, the party approached the marketplace where Mayor Kendra Deverin thanked them for their deeds and publicly praised them to all who would hear. They spoke with Sheriff Belor Hemlock, who asked for their assistance in interrogating a captured goblin. On the way there, they encountered Ameiko Kaijitsu who generously offered them free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for a week as reward for their valor and bravery. The party then proceeded to the jail where they questioned a less than cooperative goblin before finally calling it a night and travelling to the Rusty Dragon to retire from a monumental day.



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