Rise of the Runelords

In which a sawmill nearly burned.

The party turned their attention to the Seven’s Sawmill, and learned it was one of the oldest sawmills in Magnimar, located astride the Yondabakari river as it runs past Kyver’s Islet to the Varisian Sea. Uriel Carnesir set about procuring a Holy weapon with borrowed funds, and set his newly acquired squire, Pike, to the task of watching the Sawmill. Even with Pike and Jal Thung trading shifts, no useful information came to light. The Sawmill seemed a sawmill, albeit with an unusually light amount of activity.

Deciding to investigate further, Azike Barca swam out to the mill, hoping to gain covert entry and scout out the building. Unfortunately for the ascetic warrior, the currents near the Sawmill’s multiple water wheels proved too much, and he was drawn into the churning gears that powered the mill. Trapped, beaten, and crushed, Azike was barely able to escape with his life, and returned sullenly to shore, adding nothing new to the party’s knowledge of the mill.

Without learning anything new in two days, the party resolved themselves to entering the mill as soon as possible, voting down the over-prudent Uriel who advised patience. Making their way to the Mill, the party was unable to locate Pike, who had been on surveillance duty, and discussed their strategy at length. Finally approving the course of action suggested by Uriel and Sevastyan the party was magically enabled to breath water by the paladin priest, and made their way up the log chutes into the 1st story of the building.

Despite their best efforts, the party was almost immediately discovered by a group of workers, who donned masks made of humanoid skins and drew war razors at the site of the intruders. So revealing themselves as clearly evil, and possibly connected to the foxglove affair, they were beset by our heroes. Causing a mass of grasping tentacles to burst from the floor, Sevastyan disabled the bulk of the cultists while the rest of the party slew the apparent leader. As the party searched the floor, they were attacked by additional cultists from a stairway, but Jal’s arrows, and Azike’s fists proved more than a match for the hapless murderers.

At this point the party sent two scouts, Azike up the stairs and Jal down, to get the lay of the land. Jal found the lower level empty, but Azike discovered a group of cultists around a single unconscious form and returned to inform the party. Thus prepared for battle, Uriel took the lead, casting an area of magical Silence around his foes to sow confusion and give his fellows the upper hand. Azike, headless of danger, charged past the warrior priest and struck at the cultist with a flurry…no, just a regular series of blows. Not a flurry. The monk was soon surrounded and began to take telling blows.

The full party struck. Sevastyan casting a transmutation to slow the movements of their enemies, Jal loosing his arrows, and Wrent Sunderer charging headlong to the fray. Unfortunately for the barbarous warrior, a quick-witted cultist aimed a crippling blow as Wrent passed, and cut him deeply to the spine. With their primary fighter impaired and the Monk fully surrounded, the situation seemed grim. As Uriel rushed to Azike’s aid, hammer falling left and right, Sevastyan conjured a flaming sphere, hoping to push back the mass of cultists. Unfortunately, the sawmill floor was covered in deep sawdust and a fire sprung quickly out of control.

For a time, the fire served to further impede the movement of the cultists, and the party was able to turn the tide, but soon Uriel’s full attention was required on conjuring gallons and gallons of water to dowse the burning sawdust and prevent the blaze from engulfing the building. Just when things seemed to be coming under control, three horrific fiends appeared and began attacking the party. Uriel’s religious studies allowed him to identify these fleshy beings as Lemures, demons unaffected by fire. Unfortunately he was unable to inform the party before Sevastyan ran across the fiery room in an attempt to put the flames between himself and danger and Azike loosed a Ki-power bolt of flame to no effect.

Luckily, Uriel called upon the divine power of Iomedae to place a magic circle around him as a barrier to the foul demons. This afforded those close to Uriel the chance to regroup and fight back, and Jal took full advantage, loosing arrow after arrow with startling speed. Just then, a large human male in long robes entered the room and struck furiously at Wrent. The situation remained dire as Sevastyan found himself ensnared by a grasping Lemure and Wrent, hobbled by his injuries provided little assistance. In desperation the young Wizard was able to squirm from the Lemure’s grasp and fled within the magic circle, quickly calling upon angelic aid.

As Jal dispatched the last of the Lemures and Azike struck repeatedly at the tall man, a Hound Archon, summoned by Sevastyan’s magic appeared behind the final adversary and lent his aid to bringing him down. The master cultist proved a difficult challenge however, shrugging off Uriel’s attempts at psychic domination and easily dodging the Earthbreaker lobbed by Wrent. Moving to dispatch the clumsy barbarian, the cultist passed too close to Azike, who rendered him unconscious with a solid strike of the palm of his hand.

As Wrent and Azike manacled and searched the cultist, Sevastyan summoned a being of elemental water to douse the flames that Uriel had been fighting furiously. Tragedy thus averted, the party searched the rest of the mill, finding an office that contained a grisly collection of humanoid faces mounted on one wall like trophies. A chest was found within the office filled with books, drawings, a painting and, much to Sevastyan’s delight, a spellbook. Above the office was a rookery, containing three ravens and parchment for writing messages. Sevastyan decided to loose a raven and fly after it while the rest of the party carried their prisoner and the evidence to the Temple to inform the church of the murderous cult they had unearthed.

Flying after the released raven, Sevastyan saw it alight upon a strange tower in Underbridge, but chose not to go near until he could inform the party.



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