Rise of the Runelords

In which the party came to Magnimar

After the utter destruction of the Misgivings by a great swarm of crows, it was decided the party should venture to Magnimar, to investigate greater controlling influences in Aldern’s ghastly business. After a period of rest, the party took to the road, with Uriel leaving two days in advance for reasons all his own.

Upon arriving at the great metropolis, the members of the company each went his own way. Uriel reported to his superiors and secured lodgings and a new weapon from the Church of Iomedae. Sevastyan went to see his family, an occasion that should have been filled with joy, but discovered his youngest sister had been the victim of a gruesome murder, the details of which were all too familiar. The young wizard’s poor father was in failing health, his heart broken by the thought of his child’s last tortured moments, and Sevastyan hurried to rejoin the party, his own heartache stayed only by resolve. The Mayhem brothers and Azike went to investigate the great stadium of Serpent’s Run. While disappointed that the day’s entertainment was a Magician of some renown, rather than the more usual violence, Wrent, at least, soon became quite enthused, leaving the venue wearing an impressive collection of merchandise.

Regrouping the next day, the party decided to investigate the manor of Aldern Foxglove once night had descended. After some indecision, and a brief run-in with local law enforcement, Azike was able to climb the building, enter a window, and let in the party. The group discovered what appeared to be Aldern Foxglove and his wife Iesha, reading in the library. Not one to let confusing situations or…thoughts stay his hand, Uriel rushed in to attack and soon the battle was joined. As it turns out, the two creatures were outsiders, taking the forms of Aldern and Iesha in order to study the material plane. Having dispatched these strange creatures, the party discovered a deed to the Misgivings, naming the Brothers of the Seven as primary financiers of the estate and as the party to which the property would revert after Vorel Foxgloves death, or a period of one hundred years. Additionally, a note revealed Aldern was making regular payments to the Seven’s Sawmill on Kyvers Islet every Oath Day for “Iesha’s Travels”.

The party took their leave of the manor, deciding to investigate the sawmill shortly.



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