Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes

The morning following the Swallowtail Festival, Our party awoke to find that news of their valor had swept the town like wildfire. Koya Mvashti arrived at the Rusty Dragon with a letter to Uriel. It was penned by Father Abstalar Zantus and requested the party’s presence at the consecration of the cathedral. Following a much more somber ceremony, the party met with Father Zantus and Sheriff Belor Hemlock, who asked for their assistance in investigating the tomb of Ezakien Tobyn, which had been desecrated during the previous day’s attack.

The tomb yielded frightening discoveries! The entirety of the boneyard was covered in small tracks as well as one humanoid pair of footprints. Jal easily analyzed the scene and informed the heroes that there were 6 pairs of goblin tracks as well as one humanoid that had scaled the wall of the boneyard and headed into the tomb. The tomb itself yielded 3 skeleton warriors who gave our heroes a fair amount of trouble until Uriel, calling upon the purifying might of Iomedae, Smote their Ruin in a blaze of Holy Fire. Following the battle, the party quickly perceived that Father Tobyn’s sarcophagus was empty. Pondering the implications of this and fearing the possibility of necromantic ritual, the party discussed with Sheriff Hemlock possibilities and speculated that perhaps the raid on the town had been orchestrated to mask this ghastly deed!

After the excitement of the morning, everyone split up. Azike sought out the Turandarok Academy, a school/orphanage run by a kind headmaster named Ilsoari Gandethus. Ilsoari showed Azike his modest personal museum of trophies from his days as an adventurer and agreed to Azike’s offer to train the children in some basic martial arts sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile, The brothers Jal and Wrent went looking for some honest work. They visited the lumber mill and spoke to Banny Harker about working the night shift at the mill. As they traversed around town, Wrent was approached by Cyrdrak Drokkus about taking a minor role in the Harpy’s Curse, a play that he was currently running. Wrent agreed to memorize three lines and would give one performance on Thursday for 5 gold pieces and free VIP seats for his friends.

That night, the party met with Aldern Foxglove, who invited them to join him on a boar hunt the next morning. He also purchased horses for Azike, Uriel, and Sevastyan to thank them for saving his life.

On Tuesday, the group set off on an exciting hunt that nearly turned fatal for Azike. Fortunately for him, Sevastyan was able to subdue the beast with his magical abilities.
After a successful hunt, they returned to the Rusty Dragon where they were greeted with cheers from hungry patrons. While dining on succulent roast boar, the heroes witnessed a tense and dramatic fight when Lonjiku Kaijitsu entered the Dragon and began cursing and fighting with his daughter Ameiko Kaijitsu. Lonjiku demanded that Ameiko leave with him at once for Magnimar or he would disown her. The resulting altercation ended with Ameiko smashing her father with a soup ladle effectively ending her inheritance.

On Wednesday, Sevastyan was approached by a seductive young girl. Shayliss Vinder asked him to assist her with some rats in the basement of her family’s general store. When the naive wizard accompanied her to the basement, he was pounced upon by the young girl who had less than chaste intentions. Unfortunately for Sevastyan, Ven Vinder, the girl’s father discovered the lovers and threatened Sevastyan with a beating he probably deserved. Sevastyan has sinced discovered that people around town are starting to look at him with expressions that convey less than awe.

Uriel spent the day investigating Father Tobyn. The Cleric learned that while it is commonly held that Father Tobyn, Nualia Tobyn, and several acolytes perished in the fire that claimed the church five years ago, not all of the bodies were recovered. He also discovered that Nualia, an Aasimar, was Tobyn’s adopted daughter and that her body was one of those unaccounted for following the blaze.

After realizing that long hard hours of work nightly wasn’t for them, the brothers decided to explore some of the local taverns. They visited the Hagfish, where owner Jargie Quinn gave them free drinks to thank them for saving the town and promptly challenged Wrent to drink a flagon of water from his pet hagfish Norah’s tank. To the joy of all the patrons, Wrent accepted and was able to hold down the vile liquid, even managing to win a hefty purse of prize money and now holds a place honor with his name carved into the central beam of the Hagfish. Unfortunately for him, he spent the rest of the day completly sick and retching.

That evening, the party was approached by a terrified citizen of Sandpoint. Amele Barrett told them of a goblin that had burst forth from a closet and attacked her son. After investigating the child’s room, they discovered the body of his father. Almost immediately, the enraged goblin attacked but was easily dispatched by Uriel and Jal while Wrent profusely vomited in the corner. This presents somewhat of a problem for the Barbarian since he has spent the last several days carousing and has not managed to learn or practice his lines for the play which takes place TOMORROW!!!


Wrent! Don’t get sick at the play!

Local Heroes

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