Rise of the Runelords

Of Theaters and Glass

During the night, Uriel was plagued by strange visions of angels and monsters. He awoke firmly believing that he had received a direct message from his patron Goddess Iomedae. But, what did it mean? While Uriel headed to the Cathedral searching for answers, Sevastyan and Azike made their way back to the Turandarok Academy, where Azike introduced Sevastyan to Ilsoari Gandethus. The two spoke of adventuring and agreed to meet later in the day for tea to discuss the subject. While all of this was going on,

Mighty Wrent was mighty hungover and spent the morning haphazardly learning his lines for his performance in Cyrdrak Drokkus’s play. Jal perked up immensely when townsfolk began gossiping that the target of his intentions, Shalelu Andosana had been seen entering the town albeit in a ragged state. Shortly after lunch, Uriel, Jal, and Azike met with Belor Hemlock, Kendra Deverin, and Shalelu to discuss her findings while Wrent went to the Theater to begin rehearsals and Sevastyan swapped spells with Headmaster Gandethus.

Shalelu confirmed fears that the local tribes of goblins seem to have indeed united and are growing more brazen in their raids of local territories. Sheriff Hemlock informed the party that he and several townguards were leaving immediately for Magnimar to request additional support and he requested that the heroes remain a presence in Sandpoint at least until his return.

That evening the party enjoyed VIP seating in the theater where they witnessed Wrent’s less than stellar performance. Fortunately for the young barbarian, before the crowd could begin jeering at his odious (or odorous?) performance the theater was attacked by a squad of goblins who had managed to sneak up into the rafters and nearly burned the whole building down with their fireworks. Our heroes sprang into action and were able to crush the intruders suffering only one civilian casualty. After several rounds of drinks at the Cracktooth Tavern, everyone retired to a curiously silent Rusty Dragon.

The next morning, they awoke to find a still empty Rusty Dragon. Very soon however, they were approached by a very nervousBethana Corwin who informed them that she had been unable to find Ameiko Kaijitsu, and even more troubling, had discovered a note to Ameiko from her estranged half-brother Tsuto Kaijitsu. The note asked Ameiko to meet him at their father’s glassworks at midnight.

An investigation of the glassworks yielded disturbing results. All of the workers had been gruesomely murdered by goblins and Lonjiku Kaijitsu had also been slain and encased in sheets of glass. After an intense battle with a group of goblins, the heroes chased the two remaining survivors down into the basement of the glassworks where they were ambushed by Tsuto. It was during this encounter that our heroes were truly tested, for Tsuto proved to be a formidable combatant. Fortunately, they prevailed. A quick search revealed a key that quickly led our heroes Ameiko. More disturbing than battered visage was a diary Tsuto had been keeping detailing horrible plans to attack Sandpoint with a large force. The diary also revealed that the mastermind behind the troubled events was none other than Nualia Tobyn. Our heroes are now rallying and preparing themselves for a new confrontation against a quasit that Tsuto indicated was living under the city , somewhere in the tunnels beneath the Glassworks!



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