Abstalar Zantus

High Priest of Sandpoint Catherdral


High Priest of the Temple in Sandpoint, father Zantus was present at the consecration ceremony that was interrupted by a sudden incursion of goblins. He witnessed some of the heroics of our adventurers and has pledged his thanks to the “heroes of sandpoint”.

After a solemn service of the victims of the Goblin incursion, Father Zantus accompanied our heroes on an investigation of the tomb of his predecessor, Ezakian Tobin. Sheriff Hemlock had noticed the stone door was ajar, and, upon entering the tomb, our heroes were beset with skeletons. Luckily for the party, Uriel’s expertise as a Sun Priest were well suited to dealing with the walking dead and, by the power of Iomedae, the fiends were vanquished.

Abstalar Zantus

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