Aldern Foxglove

A noble from Magnimar


Very nearly a victim of the Goblin raid, Aldern encountered the heroes when they saved him from attack by a Goblin Commander and his cohort. Unfortunately, Master Foxglove lost his beloved hound to the marauders before rescue arrived. Alden has pledged his thanks to the heroes, particularly Azike, and hopes to meet them again at his temporary rooms in the Rusty Dragon.

Aldern is a successful merchant of Magnimar, though he is unknown to both Sevastyan and Uriel.

Aldern invited the party to join him on a boar hunt to celebrate vanquishing the goblin raiding party that attacked Sandpoint, and graciously purchased horses for the three pedestrian group members so that they could properly participate. The young noble was in high spirits, and had stories of frivolity and metropolitan adventure to last through the day. He also expressed a keen interest in the backgrounds of the individual heroes, and in learning to slay goblins, especially with Azike’s mysterious fighting techniques. Uriel’s intuition indicated that Lord Foxglove was sincere in this desire, though the man’s fascination with the aspect of killing gives Uriel a lingering uneasiness about the nobleman.

After the successful slaying of the boar, Aldern hosted a grand feast at the Rusty Dragon Inn for all its patrons to sup on succulent wild hog.

Aldern Foxglove

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