Ameiko Kaijitsu

Bard and Owner of the Rusty Dragon


The spirited proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko is well-known, well-liked, and considered to provide the best food in Sandpoint. An old acquaintance of the Rorick family, Ameiko has met Sevastyan several times and is rather fond of the bookish runt. For Sevastyan’s part, her adventurous spirit and raconteur’s flare have always meant a good time, and good fun whenever she’s been around.

Ameiko has offered room in her inn for the heroes of Sandpoint and Sevastyan looks forward to properly catching up with his fiery old friend.

During the celebration following a successful boar hunt, Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu burst in and berated the party. Ameiko defended the group, and Lonjiku threatened to disown her if she did not return with him to Magnamar. Ameiko refused; Lonjiku attempted to drag her away, and was brained by Ameiko’s soup ladle for his trouble. Lonjiku shouted that his daughter was, “as dead to me as your mother!” and stormed out of the Inn.

Our heroes, returning from the troubles at the theater, noticed that the Rusty Dragon seemed empty but were to tired to inquire after Ameiko. Upon waking, they were approached by the cook, who reported Ameiko was missing and that a note from her brother had been found in her room. The note accused their father of involvement with the goblin incursions and implored Ameiko to meet with Tsuto at the glassworks as Sandpoint was no longer safe. Upon investigating the glassworks, our heroes encountered goblins, a horribly murdered Longiku, and Tsuto himself. After subduing the roguish half-elf, the party found Ameiko bound and imprisoned. Upon her release, Ameiko found herself the heir to the glassworks, and the largest fortune in Sandpoint.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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