Belor Hemlock

Sheriff of Sandpoint


The Sheriff of Sandpoint, Belor is a gruff, somewhat sullen individual, but highly respected. Belor personally assisted in repelling the goblin incursion and was lightly wounded.

According to the local Sandpoint gossip mill, Sheriff Belor has been involved in a long standing tryst with the mysterious “Lady Kay.”

After investigating an opened tomb with the party, Belor has discovered that the body of Ezakien Tobyn, the late priest of Sandpoint, was missing. Belor posited that the Goblin incursion was a distraction to allow for this theft and asked the party to keep the missing corpse a secret, as the town has suffered much of late.

Upon hearing a report from Shelelu of a disturbing amount of goblin activity in the surrounding area, Sheriff Hemlock made for Magnimar to request aid. Our heroes have been asked to defend Sandpoint in his absence.

Belor Hemlock

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