Cyrdrak Drokkus

Sandpoint Theatre Owner


Cyrdrak has arranged a staging of a popular play with a well-known Diva of Magnimar, though his advertisement of such has been overshadowed by the goblin incursion and subsequent heroics necessary to fend them off.

Ever one to make the best of a given situation, Cyrdrak has asked that Wrent, one of the “heroes of sandpoint” portray a deity in his upcoming play. It has yet to be seen if this casting should prove wise or disastrous.

Soon after the start of Thursday night’s performance of “Harpy’s Curse” it became obvious that Cyrdrak’s casting choice would not prove wise. Wrent remembered exactly two words of his entire part, leaving the theater so awkwardly silent that his nervous flatulence was noticed, even in the cheap seats. The erstwhile thespian would not suffer long, though, as a pack of goblins appeared in the catwalks and began hurling fireworks onto the stage and into the crowd. Drokkus was rendered unconscious by these attacks, but his injuries were soothed by Uriel after the goblins had been handily dispatched.

Cyrdrak Drokkus

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