Ilsoari Gandethus

Headmaster at the Turandarok Academy


Once an adventuring wizard, Ilsoari now teaches at the Turandarok Accademy in Sandpoint; a school and orphanage of sorts. Ilsoari keeps a collection of trophies and keepsakes from his adventuring days in the basement of the academy, and his proud to show of his personal museum, though he does like to keep the students guessing as to what might reside in the headmaster’s cellar.

Intrigued by the pursuits such a wizard might apply himself to, Sevastyan has taken a keen interest in Ilsoari’s past. The retired spell caster has taken on something of a mentor’s role toward Sevastyan, teaching the younger man some basic spells and offering his advice on personal integrity.

Ilsoari Gandethus

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